Concatenation and Minification

Laravel Mix and webpack should take care of all the necessary module bundling and minification for you. However, you may have lingering legacy code or vendor libraries that need to remain separate from your core webpack bundle. Not a problem.

For basic file concatenation and minification, Mix has you covered.

Basic Usage

Consider the following Mix configuration file.

mix.combine(['one.js', 'two.js'], 'merged.js');

This instructs Mix to merge - or concatenate - one.js and two.js into a single file, called merged.js. As always, during development, that merged file will remain uncompressed. However, when building for production, merged.js will of course be minified.

{tip} If it reads better to you, mix.scripts() and mix.styles() are aliases for mix.combine().

Concatenate All Files in a Directory

mix.combine('path/to/dir', 'all-files.js');

// or:

mix.scripts('path/to/dir', 'all-files.js');

Concatenate All Matching Files in a Directory

mix.combine('path/to/dir/*.css', 'all-files.css');

// or:

mix.styles('path/to/dir/*.css', 'all-files.css');

Concatenate an Array of Files

], 'all-files.css');

Concatenate Scripts and Apply Babel Compilation

If you need to concatenate and then compile JavaScript files that have been written with the latest JavaScript syntax, you may either set the third argument of mix.combine() to true, or instead call mix.babel(). Other than the Babel compilation, both commands are identical.

// Both of these are identical.
mix.combine(['one.js', 'two.js'], 'merged.js', true);
mix.babel(['one.js', 'two.js'], 'merged.js');

File Minification

Similarly, you may also minify one or more files with the mix.minify() command.

There are a few things worth noting here:

  1. mix.minify() will create a companion *.min.{extension} file. So minifying app.js will generate app.min.js within the same directory.
  2. As always, minification will only take place during a production build.
  3. There is no need to call mix.combine(['one.js', 'two.js'], 'merged.js').minify('merged.js');Just stick with the single mix.combine() call. It'll take care of both.

Important: Minification is only available for CSS and JavaScript files. The minifier will not understand any other provided file type.

Minify a Single File


Minify an Array of File

mix.minify(['this/one.js', 'and/this/one.js']);