Html Builder

A quick laravel mix extension to build up html templates from partials.
latest v0.3.0 - released
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A quick laravel mix extension to build up html templates from partials.


npm i -D mix-html-builder


In your webpack.mix.js just use mix.html(). If you want to use the default configuration, you don't need to pass any arguments. Otherwise pass an object, like this:

    htmlRoot: './src/index.html', // Your html root file
    output: 'dist', // The html output folder
    partialRoot: './src/partials',    // default partial path
    minify: {
        removeComments: true

Available options

Name Type Default Description
htmlRoot {String\|Array} './src/index.html' Your html root file or an array of files. You can also use patterns to use multiple files.
partialRoot {String} './src/partials' Default path for html partial files
output {String} 'dist' The folder where your output files should be saved
inject* {Boolean} false Whether or not your css and javascript files should automatically included in your output
minify {Object} see minify section An object with minify-options. See minify for more information.

*KNOWN ISSUE: Due to an issue in the laravel-mix core the src of script tag will have a leading double slash, which kills the functionality of it. Linking the css file yet works fine. I included the option as an experimental feature and I am working on a workaround to fix this until the development of mix will continue.

Include partials

With this package you can include other template files in your root html file.



<include src="text.html"></include>

Note that it will search for partials in /src/partials by default - you can change that by passing a partialRoot-option to mix.html() or you can just use a relative path in the include tag, like this:

<include src="../other-partials-folder/text.html"></include>



    I am a wonderful and useless text!


When you run mix it will automatically generate /dist/index.html like this:

    I am a wonderful and useless text!


You have the possibility to minify your html code according to the kangax/html-minifier package. Just add any option you need, it will be passed to the minifier. If you want to remove minification, just set its value to false;

Default value

The default value of this field is the following object:

    removeComments: true,
    removeRedundantAttributes: true,
    removeScriptTypeAttributes: true,
    removeStyleLinkTypeAttributes: true,
    useShortDoctype: true