Angular Templatecache

Laravel mix extension that concatenates and registers AngularJS templates in the $templateCache.
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Laravel Mix Angular templateCache

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This extension adds support for angular-templatecache-webpack-plugin to Laravel Mix. The package speeds up your AngularJS app by automatically combining, concatenating, registering and caching your AngularJS HTML templates in the $templateCache.

Install | Usage | Plugin Options and Defaults


Install with npm or yarn

  npm i --save laravel-mix-angular-templatecache
  yarn add laravel-mix-angular-templatecache


Require the extension inside your webpack.mix.js and call mix.cacheTemplates('src/templates/**/*.html', pluginOptions), like so:

// webpack.mix.js

const mix = require('laravel-mix');


// this will generate a file public/templates.js 

// Or:

// see more options and defaults below
mix.cacheTemplates('src/templates/**/*.html', {
    outputFilename: 'another/folder/myTemplates.js', // will output at public/another/folder/myTemplates.js

This will generate the file public/templates.js containing the following:

// templates.js (sample output prettified)

  function($templateCache) {
      // content of template-file-01.html (escaped)
      // content of template-file-02.html (escaped)
    // etc...

Include this file in your app and AngularJS will use the $templateCache when available.

ℹ️ This plugin will NOT create a new AngularJS module by default, but use a module called templates. If you want to create a new module, set options.standalone to true.

Tip: mix.cacheTemplates(), mix.angularTemplateCache() and mix.templateCache() are aliases. All commands work for all examples in this section.

Plugin Options and Defaults

Name Type Default Description
outputFilename {String} 'public/templates.js' The path/filename.js where the output file should be saved.
root {String} undefined Prefix for template URLs.
module {String} 'templates' Name of the existing AngularJS module.
standalone {Boolean} false Create a new AngularJS module, instead of using an existing one.
escapeOptions {Object} {} An object with jsesc-options. See jsesc for more information.
templateHeader {String} *See below Override template header.
templateBody {String} *See below Override template body.
templateFooter {String} *See below Override template footer.

For more information about angular-templatecache-webpack-plugin configurations please refer to their documentation.

Default Templates


'angular.module("<%= module %>"<%= standalone %>).run(["$templateCache", function($templateCache) {'


'$templateCache.put("<%= url %>","<%= contents %>");'